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Da Vinci’s Impact On the Art World

Masterpieces and envisioned works have inspired our history. Creativity is derived from the very small yet powerful word “create”. Peering through museums at the timeless displays of artistic expressions, we are drawn into the realms of possibility. Artists have a penchant for seeing the world differently with a vivid perception. […]

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The Truth of Translating Art

A good mystery appeals to the inquisitive side of our thoughts. We search for clues and pieces of the proverbial puzzle to seek out answers or solutions to the question at hand. Aside from the secrets that unlock the universe, the perplexity of Art holds its own title of the […]


The Muse of an Artist

A Muse is associated with mystical legends of Gods and the unseen mystery behind brilliance. They say to have a muse is to have a foretold path of greatness. Aside from the imagery of a golden light of angelic winds, a Muse can come to us in many forms. Artists […]


What Are the Different Kinds of Art Forms – Part 2

The second and the concluding part of our blog to understand the different kinds of art looks at design, performance art, mixed media and sculpture among other. Design Part of all applied arts design comes in many different forms; graphic, interior, fashion, and even industrial. In art terms design can […]


What Are the Different Kinds of Art Forms – Part 1

What do you classify as art? And what are the different types of art forms? Art is loosely gathered together and named Contemporary Art. But surely that only defines it as art of today? Traditional art as we know it is painting, sculpture and drawing but more recently other mediums […]


How Art Can Help a Community – Part 2

The continuing part of our blog on how art can help a community continues how to broaden the participation of your events agenda, and the promotion of sense of place. Broaden the Participation in Your Agenda Some well-known civic leaders have argued the benefits for a long time of social […]


How Art Can Help a Community – Part 1

Art is one of the wonderful gifts that we have in the world today, there is nothing like visiting a gallery to brighten your mood or enlighten your mind. The great museums and galleries of the world can also give so much to the community it serves. It can lead […]