Getting into Art

Nobody is born an art aficionado and going to a gallery for the first time and pretending what you are looking at can be a daunting challenge. Just remember art is in the eye of the beholder, what you think is beautiful and challenging actually is, as it has made you stop and think and that is all that really matters. There are some tips that this blog will dispense that will however help the novice both visiting a gallery and enjoying time there.

Have No Fear

Don’t be intimidated going to a gallery, nobody will talk or challenge you and for most of the time you will just be left alone in your musings. If going by yourself is the main problem then choose times the gallery is not busy, take your time and just enjoy yourself.

Be Inquisitive

Going to a gallery is simple, just look at the art and see if it has anything to say to you, does it provoke you? Is it beautiful? Do you think it is rubbish, if so why?

These are questions you can ask yourself or discuss with your friend, if the art does not move you then just stay silent and move on. Art is for everybody, but not all art is for everybody, art is like music some people prefer classical and some rock but they still like music.

Find Out the Free Gallery Programs

Some art galleries are completely free all of the time, but many museums charge for entrance and this can be quite expensive. Most art galleries are commercial enterprises and they are not cheap to run, firstly the building is normally in the center of town and its upkeep is expensive, secondly some art pieces are extremely costly to buy and therefore new additions can be highly expensive.

Even the galleries that charge entrance have periods when they let the public in for free. These are often new artists or touring events, check out the gallery to find out when one is.

Look for Artists Centers

Many cities and towns now have artist-run centers, these are often locally run centers that creative people from the local community gather together to make and sell their art.

They are a bit like craft centers, in that each artist will have a small space in which he works and sells his goods. Visitors are welcome to stroll among the studios and look at the artists at work and talk to them. You can learn a great deal from chatting away to the creators of art, such as their technique and use of color. And they will be glad to tell you their tips of the trade and what you should look for in a work of art.

Learning about art will take a lifetime so do not try and take everything in at once, it will blow your mind and put you off art forever. The big galleries have so many items that you could never get around it in one visit, take your time just go and see one or two of the most important exhibits at first and see if you can work out what everybody is talking about. The end result is enjoy looking at art, never be pressurized to accept mass acceptance, make your own mind up.