How Art Can Help a Community – Part 1

Art is one of the wonderful gifts that we have in the world today, there is nothing like visiting a gallery to brighten your mood or enlighten your mind. The great museums and galleries of the world can also give so much to the community it serves. It can lead positive and significant change by engaging with its community and offering local programs and initiatives.

In this blog we look at the ways galleries and art itself can benefit neighborhoods, bringing culture and people together. Many top sociologists have highlighted that good social connections bring economic growth and art can help in doing so.

Promoting Interaction in Public

The local town square, marketplace or village green are essential to bring the local community together and interact. These open public spaces give great opportunities for strangers in the community to meet and engage in conversation.

But how can art lead the way to enhance these chance meetings? Some art administrators take the opportunity of seizing the moment to actively promote programs for the community. And these people have successfully worked alongside architects, engineers, city planners and landscape architects in designing public spaces for the future.

The process how a public space is created is a really important part of the whole equation, without doubt the local community must be involved by attending meetings, plan events and cooperate with neighbors, friends and family.

Engaging Local Community Spirit Through Celebrations

Any local event should be recognized and celebrated, nothing is better for a community to bond than by celebrating together. Annual events, such as music festivals, art exhibitions or farmers markets can be specifically designed to bring the whole community together regardless of station or creed. Again, it is vitally important that the people work together with the officials to create the event, it should attract every part of the local community so not one element misses out.

Get the Youth Involved

A community includes everybody and that includes young and old, but the future of the community is in the hands of the youth. Local administrations should be aware that if they want the legacy of their local community to flourish they must engage positively the thoughts and ideas of the young.

By doing this it results in another positive path, by engaging the youth by default it will engage the adults, either teachers or parents, and a snowball effect will ensue. This could be at an event such as an art workshop for under eighteens, get the youngsters help in the organization of the event and offer prizes and awards to celebrate the success.

There is no doubt that the many roads of art can bring great benefits bringing communities together and to forge new initiatives. Art is a particular great method of doing this as it offers so much to so many, no matter of what age or station.


Art is ignorant of color, creed, station, age or gender, it will appeal to all and exclude nobody. That is why it is a great medium to use in helping a community to flourish.

In part two of how art can help a community we look at promoting the power of place and broadening participation in events.