How Splatter Paint Became All the Rage

When you first hear the term “Splatter Paint” you may have a barrage of descriptions come to mind. From dropping a paint can to a neon 80s style shirt, the word Splatter and paint are hard to imagine. Interestingly, you have likely seen this style of painting and did not know it was the result of a Splatter technique. Splatter Paint is a brilliant expression of Art that cannot be defined as strictly portrait or landscape. It is a part of the Abstract Expressionistic movement that allows for interpretation and emotion to flow freely. In some works, a series of color do not depict a specific image while in others the Splattering collaborates into an extraordinary likeness. Splatter Painting will often start with a blank canvass and little intention. As the mood evolves and the paint swirls, a clear picture begins to emerge. Artists will continue building on this concept until the finishing touches are completed.

The Start of Splatter Paint

Official Splatter Painting is associated with the 1940s era. A time of war and censorship called for caution among Artists. A strong political opinion was a dividing line for many with dire consequences if you were discovered in the wrong place and on the wrong side. Splatter Painting conveys feelings while making a statement without leaving a paper trail. This allowed Artists to have freedom of expression without restriction. Jackson Pollock is a recognized leader in Abstract movements. He is described as “radical” and “legendary” for his drip and splash techniques. Pollock was an inspiration to many artists displaying a sense of eloquence and pizazz while he worked. Creatively swooning around his canvass, Paint was applied with depth and meaning. Leading the way for a new era of Art, Pollock was cleverly named “Jack the Dripper”.

The Art of Splatter

The Art of Splatter
The Art of Splatter

There is not a single right or wrong way to Splatter paint. The style is all about energy and emotion. Releasing the inner self is not always happy or sad. There is a range to work with depending on your aura at the present. Playing Music in the background that keeps you engaged is a popular habit to adopt when Splatter Painting. Dance the colors around your chosen canvass in any direction you please. The magic of the process brings inspiration to an entirely new level of awareness. It is a journey of one’s self that only the Artist can explore. Splatter Paint has grown in popularity over the decades with a no holds barred attitude. Dripping, throwing, splashing and splattering are brought to the easel by a variety of means. It is where dreams and innovation collide with remarkable results. Artists have used anything from regular brushes to air born devices to paint their point.

“Painting is self-discovery. Every good Artist paints what he is”

The words of Jackson Pollock are fitting when describing a Painting style that does not own a description. Abstract Art alongside Splatter Painting are depicted with the feeling of our world versus painting a replica of it. Similar to most Artistic endeavors, Painting begins in the heart making all things possible.