Ten Important Things to Make Great Art – Part 1

If you are thinking of taking up art, or indeed you have just started, then you may find this blog invaluable as it contains tips and advice on what is really needed to succeed. Whether you just want to draw in your leisure time or take up painting professionally we all have to start somewhere.

Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to creating art, just like some people are good at languages or mathematics. But still they need to develop their skills and embellish them. Art classes are a great way to start learning as they will teach you the basics and listed below are some of the fundamental skills and attributes that you will also need.



You need to be able to draw, this is a prerequisite to any painting. All the great artists in history would have made great draftsmen of their age as they were so proficient at drawing. Without being able to draw well you cannot hope to succeed as an artist. You may not be naturally good at drawing but there are ways you can improve, carry sketch pads wherever you go and practice, practice and practice.

Hard Graft

Great art may look effortless but guaranteed it is not, it is achieved with hard work and graft. You may have heard of writer’s block, this is when the writer loses the ability to create anymore. The same thing happens with artists, when a particular problem seems too difficult to overcome.

Most problems can be solved by devoting more time and attention to them, give absolutely everything that you have to overcome whatever is thwarting you. By defeating a difficult problem, you will have gained more skills in your make-up and can utilize them again and again.

Use Reference Images

Don’t be afraid of using other images as references, not all inspiration can come from your own imagination. Use references not to copy but to inspire you, you can even create your own references out of everyday items that may be associated with what you are working on.

The world of the Internet is a great reference guide and only a few clicks away, it is not necessary to drive to the mountains to see exact color combinations you are searching for, you can bring images up in an instant to help.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, this idiom could have been written especially for artists. Sometimes negativity drags us all down and it is difficult to ignore, but budding artists have to accept criticism as a part of what they are trying to do.

Some of the greatest artists of all time have had to suffer greatly by critics degrading their work, but a few years later their art is truly recognized and the critic’s comments brushed aside by general acceptance. Keep your confidence levels high and try to ignore negativity or rejection, it is not only leveled at you.

In part two we meter out more tips and advice to budding artists that wish to progress in their chosen path.