The Muse of an Artist

A Muse is associated with mystical legends of Gods and the unseen mystery behind brilliance. They say to have a muse is to have a foretold path of greatness. Aside from the imagery of a golden light of angelic winds, a Muse can come to us in many forms. Artists in particular are prone to having their own muse that inspires their works while sparking creative vibrance. From famous artistic masters throughout history to the hobbyist at heart, they each have a Muse that is kept in mind.

Muses offer an encouraging whisper that brings an artist their best pieces. If you have wondered what shapes and sizes a muse can be found, there are thousands if not millions of inspirations. While it may be next to impossible to itemize a list of Muses, there is a defined sense of themes most commonly found. Whether you are curious of an Artists past or looking for your own, knowing where to look will offer clues to what is within a Muse.


Artists are generally split down the center when it comes to working alongside musical notes. Some find it adds ambiance to their work space while others say it is distracting. Those who find a muse in music will typically enjoy a specific genre or sound. Classical, rock to pop and country, you are sure to feel enlivened which will shine in your works.


You may feel a strong connection to someone or carry a heartfelt appreciation for a person in your life. Artists around the world have used that feeling of strength that mixes with their softer side to complete their endeavors. Through color and material, Artists are able to design a masterpiece with a sense of themselves and those who surround them.


We have all had memories and experiences in our life. A time of learning pairs with moments of celebration making us who we are today. Artists often have an artistic flow from their own lives to the canvass or display. They may keep a specific scenario or occasion close to their minds eye creating a vision in all they do.

An Essence

There are times it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly incites our creative energy. A poem, seaside view or tree in our front yard may reach our artistic souls. The essence around us holds the ability to persuade our movements and motions through Art. Our perception is completed with our Muse resulting in our own personal signature.


Artists will charm their works with their favorite intricacies. Animals, the outdoors or colors are known to be a focus for many. The familiarity presents a conclusive way to display the inner thoughts with the use of artistic strategy. Sometimes to find what works best, artists will begin a project to see the forms that take shape.

Enchanting the works and supplying creative motivation, Muses are an important part of an Artists repertoire. Without them, the world would look very different. It is the many styles throughout our cultural history that has helped shape the future of every tomorrow yet to come.