What Are the Different Kinds of Art Forms – Part 2

The second and the concluding part of our blog to understand the different kinds of art looks at design, performance art, mixed media and sculpture among other.


Part of all applied arts design comes in many different forms; graphic, interior, fashion, and even industrial. In art terms design can be found in lighting, furniture and items like limited prints.

Performance Art

Performance art is where humans use actions as an art form, it is an ephemeral medium and really only takes place while the action continues and dies when it stops. Performance art is all about the moment, and capturing it in your mind for eternity, no piece of performance art will ever be exactly the same again. Therein lies the beauty in it.

Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a term referred to art that uses combinations of materials in their makeup. Say a work on canvas that combines material, ink and paint. The whole point of Mixed Media is to create something that is original and thought provoking.


One of the classic forms of art is Sculpture, and there have been examples of it dating back ten thousand years ago. Sculpture can use almost any material and in its earliest forms ivory and stone were used. Technically a sculpture is a three-dimensional work created by shaping or molding the material into a shape. The more common materials for this are, glass, stone, marble, metal and even wood. Sometimes the object is not detached from its surroundings and in this case the sculpture becomes two dimensional, this is known as relief carving.


A 1970’s term to describe a work that is displayed either internally or externally in a gallery that is site specific. Installations are usually large in stature and are of a three-dimensional nature, they can be mixed using material and other mediums such as film.

Most installations are temporary but some are permanent, they are often for audience participation and the visitor can interact with the piece and walk around in it. Most installations are commissioned for a particular gallery or an exhibition that wants to create a new space or environment.

New Media

New Media is a wide encompassing term for anything that is made using electronic technology in some sort of fashion. It came about in the 1960’s as artists pushed the boundaries of what was perceived as art. The work can be in sound or visual, in the form of music, film or animation.

And as new technology emerges every day then upgraded versions of New Media have been necessary. Take for example an artwork made on tape cassette that has been remodeled to suit a CD or DVD. When this happens, the originator has expressed their feeling that the art is more important than the format and the original look and feel of the work.

The different avenues and roads that make up what is generically referred to as art are long and winding. And even though we have explored the many types of art the door is still open for more suggestions the other people consider should also be in this flexible term.